Websites & Ecommerce

Websites & Ecommerce


Maintenance & Updates

A website is never DONE. Like your business, your website should be constantly evolving and growing towards the next step. Sometimes it’s a simple update like the creation of a new homepage slider, and sometimes you need something more, like a fully customized app integration. Meris is here for all of your website needs, with WordPress and beyond.

  • Homepage Slider
  • App/Plugin Integration & Customization
  • SEO Maintenance
  • CMS Maintenance
  • Website Updates

Landing Pages

A landing page is a great way to connect your users with immediate information. A landing page pairs well with Google AdWords and gives your customers a unique URL to land on that cannot be found or gotten to any other way. This is beneficial for tracking leads, giving them pertinent information, and leading them deeper into your site for a conversion.


Our website audits will thoroughly evaluate your SEO, site speed, and performance. These three things are integral to showing up in search results, and Meris can give you a list to help you work towards great scores in each of those areas.

Search Engine Optimization & Ranking
Site Speed Analysis & Recommendations
Performance Analysis & Enhancements

Hosting Transfers

Sometimes your host isn’t providing what you need in terms of web performance or access. Meris can recommend a better hosting solution for you and help you make that purchase. We can also transfer your existing site to your new host for you so you experience little to no downtime in your website performance.