New Jersey National Golf Club

Crushing mediocrity.

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New Jersey National Golf Club

Golf at its purest.
Branding at its finest.

Before executing on hard-hitting strategy, Meris strengthened the foundation of this golf-centered club: its identity. Without losing the essence of the mark, Meris introduced a sophisticated color palette, modernized typography, and a well-balanced composition.

Greens to screens.

After completing a comprehensive photo shoot of the golf course, Meris re-imagined the brand’s website. Breathtaking galleries, hole-by-hole overviews, and a dynamic presentation of its amenities make up this fresh overhaul.

Messages with impact.

Meris shook up the Jersey golf landscape with compelling, powerful messages. A campaign was brought to life reminding the market what New Jersey National Golf Club is all about – leaving the stress, the mundane, and the daily grind behind, and absorbing yourself in the pureness of golf.