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Strategy & Positioning

Strategy & Positioning

Visual Awakening

Visual Awakening helps you understand your market and your position within it. It also helps you to visualize alternative options you have within your market.

  1. Identify your factors of competition (What makes you stand out? What are your competitors doing better than you?)
  2. Weight the factors (Which ones mean the most to the consumer? To your bottom line?)
  3. Compare your offerings with the competition by drawing a Strategy Canvas.

Visual Exploration

Ask yourself the following:

  • Where do my products live within the market?
  • What factors can be eliminated or changed about my offering to make it better or more appealing? To make it cost less to create?

Competition 1

  • Made from cheaper materials
  • Color options
  • Basic Feature #1
  • Basic Feature #2

Our Product

  • Made from quality materials
  • Unique feature that nobody else has
  • Basic Feature #1
  • Basic Feature #2

Competition 2

  • Indestructible
  • Unique feature that nobody else has
  • Basic Feature #1
  • Basic Feature #2

Strategy Fair

Draw your new value strategy canvas based on your insights. Be sure it is focused and divergent, and that you have a compelling positioning statement.

  • Focus
  • Divergence
  • Positioning Statement

Visual Communication


  1. Distribute the before-and-after strategic profiles for easy comparison
  2. Make a decision on the new strategy canvas that the company is capable of implementing
  3. Support only operational moves that allow the company to actualize the new strategy.

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