Brand Architecture & Message Development

Brand Architecture & Message Development

One Voice

With branding, consistency is king. Every word, photograph, headline, texture, sound, smell – it all needs to feel like one. The brand needs to be fully defined and understood inwardly before outward messaging and communications can be executed successfully. We treat every brand as if it were our own and take great pride in the brands we’ve helped to create and grow.

Message Development

We don’t believe “great creative” is an artistic achievement. It isn’t bold headlines, flashy colors, and impressive imagery. Great creative is built on the foundation of research and strategy, manifested into an engaging set of messages that clearly communicate the brand’s points of differentiation. Great creative has stopping power, and most importantly, great creative works. Our team of designers and strategists work together to deliver this kind of messaging excellence for our clients.

Brand Message Group

The goal of any piece of creative is to minimally communicate three things: who you are, what you do, and where you’re located. Brand messaging is the foundation of your messaging and allows the unique personality of your brand shine through.

Product Message Group

In the voice of your brand, the features and benefits of your product or service are highlighted in this message group. How these products or services are differentiated from other choices in the market should also be communicated.

Tactical Message Group

Strategy is wrapped into every bit of messaging but most prominently through this set of messages. Promotions, events, and transitory messages are communicated under this category.


An essential often overlooked component to the voice of a strong brand is a unified approach to its photographic assets. At Meris, we put great emphasis on photography and the role it plays in the greater conversation. As a result, we have brought photography and video services completely in-house so we have the greatest control over the approach, style, and quality we deliver to the brands with which we work.