Spinnerstown Hotel

Exceeding expectations for decades

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Spinnerstown Hotel

A place where friends and family gather.

The Spinnerstown Hotel is a staple of Bucks and Lehigh Counties. The historic hotel, updated and expanded by John and Susan Dale, remains a favorite of locals and tourists. It offers distinct dining experiences from a rustic tap room with 18 rotating taps to a more formal dining room with linens. That’s not all the updating that has been done, with help from Meris, we’ve created an updated logo and brand.

Modern Nostalgia

Spinnerstown Hotel has been and continues to be an icon of the area. To capture its history and bring it up to modern day, Meris recreated their logo to feature a sleek monogram, the foundation date, and paired it all with a clean san serif typeface.

Elevated Branding

Their identity guidelines define the brand’s personality and gives a clear direction on the look and feel of all future marketing material.

Let the good times roll!

Not only is The Spinnerstown Hotel a place to gather, but they also come to your gatherings as well! That’s why they needed an eye-catching trailer design to let everyone know that the Brew Crew is on the scene to keep the good times going with their mobile taps.