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Carl’s Corner

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Carl's Corner

Known for their bold taste and friendly banter.

Carl’s Corner is a staple in the Bethlehem community as a great place to get excellent tasting food at a decent price, even if you are feeding the whole family. Their friendly personality and down-to-earth attitude inspired the campaign to follow suit. These ads were designed to be friendly, welcoming, and just a little bit silly with great looking food shots to really sell the product.


During this difficult time, nothing is more important to our organization than the health and safety of our customers and staff.

We understand that everyone is facing various business challenges, and we’re here to help. Although our offices are currently closed in accordance with Governor Wolf’s emergency order, we remain open for business as our staff continues to work remotely.

With confidence, Meris remains fully available to you during this time regardless of where we’re physically located. Your calls and emails will be answered, and we’ll continue to work with you with the same dependability and professionalism you expect.

We stand ready to assist and can be reached at 610-509-2600. 

Very Best Regards,

Matthew J. McLaughlin