Garage Doors with Valor



Quality. Strength. Innovation.

ArmRLite is a women-led manufacturer of overhead sectional doors and roll-up doors. Meris helped them to rebrand from the ground up. We modernized and enhanced the legacy of ArmRLite while capturing everything that makes them unique, from font choice to website design – everything was carefully chosen.


The ArmRLite brand stands for durability, customization, and family. The shield helps communicate that durability, while the triple bar represents those same 3 pillars of the brand, while also acting as a literal representation of an overhead door.

Marcom Guidelines

Marketing Communications guidelines keep every team on the same page in regards to utilization of the brand. It covers everything from the logo design choices to placement of typography and imagery on advertisements and sell sheets.

Car Wrap

A branded car can keep your identity at the forefront for consumers.

Product Messaging

Our product messaging feels like the main campaign to ensure consistent branding, but it is focused on select product offerings that ArmRLite carries. A product can be a door style or customization option they offer.

Consumer Choices

Our Business to Consumer brochure walks the consumer through the action of purchasing a garage door. This can help homeowners and architects envision the choices they have when making such a custom purchase.

Sell Sheets

Sell sheets are one-off pages from the brochure that allow for greater detail on each specific item or customization option. They also make for a excellent branded downloadable PDFs on the website, giving them a dual purpose.

A Website as a Sales Tool

The ArmRLite website was a major piece of the brand’s overhaul and update. Their site acts as a major sales tool for them to present their products around the country and internationally. It allows architects, businesses, and consumers to preview all the options before making a purchase. Check out the full site at